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TrekDesk Announces Affordable New Design of Treadmill Desk

TrekDesk Fits Any Treadmill
TrekDesk Fits Any Treadmill

While the economic and health restoring value of treadmill desks ( has been proven within major corporations, their cost has been a barrier for most small businesses. TrekDesk is offering a truly unique, affordable alternative that now fits any existing treadmill.

Phoenix (PRWEB) November 12, 2008 -- Humana, GlaxoSmithKline, Best Buy, and Mutual of Omaha have all discovered a product that makes employees more productive, energetic and healthier at the same time: treadmill desks ( Allowing employees to lose weight and enhance health boosts their bottom line in increased productivity, lower employee absenteeism and reductions in health care costs.

Treadmill desks have gained notoriety in the past year, however their cost has been a barrier for most workers, ranging in price from $4500-$6500. A company based in Phoenix, Arizona, known as TrekDesk, offers a more economical solution and a new design for office professionals. Available for sale in March 2009, TrekDesk is expected to retail for only $399.

"TrekDesk's new design features numerous enhancements which will work with virtually any existing treadmill. We were able to lower the pricing point and increase the efficiency of the design. We are excited about the opportunity TrekDesk offers individuals not achieving sufficient exercise during the day to maintain health at a price affordable to everyone," states TrekDesk founder Steve Bordley.

Treadmill desks offer significant health benefits whether utilized all day or for just a few hours. The Surgeon General recommends a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for optimum health which can easily be achieved in just 3 hours with TrekDesk.

More details on the significant health benefits of consistent daily walking, including excerpts of pertinent medical studies can be found at the TrekDesk website (

TrekDesk features a unique height adjustment feature that allows anyone ranging in height from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall to easily adjust to an ergonomically optimal desk height. TrekDesk will also offer add on accessories to further enhance an employee's productivity.

"Most of us do not realize that we are mortgaging our health by spending our days sitting at a desk. A study out of the University of Missouri found that the body's metabolic ability to burn fat literally shuts off and our body drastically reduces the production of Lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat. The fat literally is routed to adipose tissue for storage rather than to muscles for fuel. When you walk at a TrekDesk, this process is reversed," states Bordley.

Obesity related diseases are adding more than $100 Billion to the annual cost of health care in the United States with employer's costs averaging nearly $9,000 annually for employees requiring obesity related care. The financial costs are exorbitant certainly but the human costs of fatigue, illness, low self esteem, depression, and quality of life are even more extreme.

"The medical evidence points towards incorporating more walking into our lives but when we spend on average 8 to 10 hours per day at the office, another 3-4 hours commuting and relaxing at home before bed, there is little time remaining to move our bodies," according to Bordley.

The obvious solution is to incorporate movement into the work day and treadmill desks offer a promising answer to the dilemma.

ABOUT TREKDESK: manufacturer of the first affordable full sized, adjustable workstation designed to fit an existing treadmill and allowing walking while working, weight loss without sweating and health enhancement.


Steve Bordley


Ph: 877-449-8588

FAX: 877-449-8588

info @


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